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America is the only Nation in the world that was established under Almighty God! 

Psalm 33:12NKJV: “Blessed is the nation who God is the Lord. The people He had chosen as His own inheritance.”

From the beginning of our country, religious liberty has been a foundational element of American life. Most of the original Pilgrims that came to this continent in 1620 were motivated to live where they could worship freely. The first declaration of this country was called the Mayflower Compact. It dedicated this land to God Almighty & His Son, Jesus Christ. A Puritan leader in the 1630, John Winthrop, wrote, “For we must consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us.” This refers to Jesus’ sermon on the mount-Matthew 5:14.

Early Americans made the important connection between the Christian Faith & Liberty. Reverend John Wise in 1710, “Democracy is Christ’s government in church, and state.” Statements like this influenced our Founding Generation when it came time to establish the United States of America. Benjamin Franklin believed in a “God who governs in all affairs of men.” No Founder of this Nation was an atheist. In 1776, Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that “We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.” This is only one of four references to God in our Founding Document. The Founders understood God as an important truth for our Nation. The History of Prayer is Long. Although there is no official National Prayer, there is an Unofficial United States prayer attributed to Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. It first appeared in The 1928 Christian Book of Common Prayers & is entitled “For Our Country”

Let us bring our great nation back to God as it was meant to be!

Pastor Ed Stetzer of the Billy Graham Association Missions, “Worship God and Honor Your Country.” If you are a follower of Christ, you have a dual citizenship. You are a citizen of the country you live in, but only temporary. Your primary citizenship is in heaven, thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus. One day, our Earthly Citizenship will fade to the background and give way to our Eternal Citizenship. Our Eternal city won’t look like ours does now. We have a future promise. We have a unique opportunity to be good citizens, so that we may be the Light to the World around us. Unfortunately, what we’ve seen in the last few decades actually since the 60’s IS A Decline in Faith and Respect for what Our Founding Father had established, A Great Nation Under God. We’ve seen God taken out of the Government, Schools, and unfortunately out of families. There has been a drastic push to Remove God from this Great Nation and we in turn are Experiencing the Negative Result of that. Let’s pray that this Nation will return to that Great Nation Under God that our forefathers had in vision long ago. It’s up to each one of us to Turn this Nation Back to that vision.

Stand Up For God And Country!

Pastor Dave Lynch

God and Country

God Bless America!

West Point Band July 8, 2017


The United States Air Force Band and Singing Sergeants


The Battle Hymn of The Republic

The United States Army Field Band


America, The Beautiful

The United States Navy Band