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Gospel Light Ministry

Pastor Dave Lynch

Building Fund

We are getting closer to our dream with every donation!

Started In 2021, Friends in the community along with our Members, have been aggressive in contributing to our Building Fund. The love and energy pouring into it tells you so much of how everyone wants to be in a facility that better suits our needs in space and activity rooms. 

No doubt, we are growing. As we grow, our various outreach programs grow with us. Our Community Dinners and our Food Pantry Distribution programs are limited only by space. 

We have Bible Study Programs and we have Crafting Gatherings. These all need a location. We aspire to be able to serve more families and to be able to create programs for our children. 

A new location (We've all heard: "location, location, location") is more than a dream! The growth of the fund is very encouraging! With every contribution, you will help create that space with this building we desire. It will be a "Spiritual Home" for us all!


What's in the photo? The photo above is one we found to place an image into your imagination. You've taken our initial imagination and helped to create this fund, making imagination a reality. So, we now have this picture, we're imagining it. Where will you take us from here? What more can we do together?


On line donations to the Building Fund can be made below by any major credit card or checking account. Just click on the picture of the church above!


Building Fund

It is our desire to be in a new and pleasant place to worship in "the heart of town!"

We're not sure what it will look like currently, but as our fund grows, the visions become more clear!

Be a part of that vision! Donate to our building fund today!